Organize athletes into groups  relative to how many Turbo Javs are available. i.e.. A group of 24 athletes with  6 Turbo Javs would be organized into 6 groups of four athletes.
Place a group into a safe  throwing formation. This will see each group lined up behind a group marker, all  facing the same direction, with adequate space between each group. For further  safety, a coach may wish to have the athletes waiting for a turn behind a 2nd  marker.
The aim of these drills is for  athletes to the Turbo Jav and hit the allocated target. For the first couple of  lessons with the targets, start the throwers 5 to10 meters away from the target  as they master the skills achieved by hitting the target they can be moved  further back. Points should be awarded if the front of the tip of the Turbo Jav  hits the target Individuala or groups can compete against each other for  points.
Standing Throw
Feet flat on the ground, facing in  the direction of the throw. The Turbo Jav should be held at eye level,  parallel to the ground with the point facing in the direction of the  throw. The non-throwing arm should also be pointing Ąn the direction of the  throw. Draw the Turbo Jav being careful not to bend the throwing arm and not  allowing the nose of the Turbo Jav to rise or fall. In a smooth and continuous  motion, the Turbo Jav is pulled forward and thrown over the shoulder. Start with  very short distances and when the correct flight is achieved, they  may then work on longer distance.

* Emphasise that the tip of the Turbo Jav must  always be pointing at the target throught the entire action. Look for athletes who unwittngly lose control of the tip and wave in all directions.
One step throw
Once the athlete has  successfully used the correct technique with a standing throw, they may move on  to a one step throw. Use the directions as above, but the thrower just steps onto the foot opposite the throwing  arm. ie...a right handed throwers steps onto the left foot
The five and seven step approach
A right handed thrower will start  with the right foot forward and the right arm back. The Turbo Jav should be  drawn back and your left arm should be pointing in the direction of the throw.  Both arms should be held high, slightly above the shoulder level. Your first  step would be with the left foot second step with the right foot moving quickly  to allow the third step off the left foot or the block leg to get down quickly.  The left arm at plant or block should pull into the rib cage quickly, which will  allow the right shoulder and hip to accelerate over the leg as you throw,  which will then allow your body to continue to the follow through  position. Once you have mastered the three step, add two steps to the  run. Once this has been mastered the three step, add two steps to the run. Once  this has been mastered you may then add on another two steps to complete the  seven step approach.
Full approach
The full approach should be added  only once you have mastered the standing, three step, five step and seven step  approach successfully. Follow the same guidelines as above, but you must learn  to run smoothly, draw back the Turbo Jav with control and keep the point always  pointing at the target or the direction that you are throwing in. The most  common problem that throwers experience is losing the direction of the point. It  is imperative that the thrower keeps the point parallel to the ground, not  allowing it to move up or down when they start to apply the force of the throw.  Most throwers do not use more than 25 yards for a full approach. Coaches should  also advise the throwers the importance of not stopping as soon as the Turbo Jav  has been thrown, as they must allow the body to follow through.