The Turbo Jav is a throwing  implement designed to develop correct throwing technique. The Turbo Jav teaches  the basic fundamentals and mechanics associated with any throwing event. Turbo  Jav was originally designed to teach beginner javelin throwers the same throwing  fundaments in a safe and fun environment. It is also ideal for the more advanced  athlete to use as a training implement to improve their accuracy and technique.  The Turbo Jav VII is 7OOmm long, weighs 300 grams and is made of polyethylene.  It has a soft nose which enhances the safety feature and allows it to be thrown  indoors. Turbo Jav was designed by Tom Petranoff two time world record holder in  the javelin throw.
Turbo Jav VII is a new and improved  throwing implement. Due to new technical advances the Turbo Jav VII has been  redesigned. New features include a real type javelin grip, improved material for  durability, a more aerodynamic soft nose, redesigned fins for aerodynamics &  durability and physical features that will help athletes hold the Turbo Jav  properly.
The Turbo Jav is the ideal implement  to use when teaching throwing events and javelin throwers off all levels. It 's  reduced length and Iight weight, make it easy to handle and greatly reduces the  risk of elbow and shoulder injuries often associated with poor throwing  technique.
The Turbo Jav's obvious  safety benefits over a real javelin make it the perfect implement for athletes  and coaches to use. Turbo Jav can be used in a variety of games and activities,  which promote proper technique that id not possible with a regular  javelin.
Turbo Jav is inexpensive  when compared to a real javelin and schools can purchase multiple units,  ensuring maximum participation in group sessions. Turbo Jav is a aerodynamically  designed to encourage the correct throwing technique. when thrown correctly, it  will fly as far as a real javelin.
Overall, the use of the  Turbo Jav with athletes will make javelin throwing easier and safer to teach and  expose a much wider group of athletes to a successful introduction to the  sport.