Coaches  Guide To Competition
Turbo Jav competition should be conducted  as any other javelin competition. Age groups or grade levels should be  determined in both the girls and boys section. A example of break down would be  as follows.
Boys:      Girls:
Under 14 - Under 14
Under 12 - Under 12
Under 10 - Under 10
Under  8 -  Under 8
In order to keep the competition  running smoothy, it is suggested that you limit the amount of children competing  in each various age group. The more athletes that competes the more time in  between throws and then the children become bored and distracted. We recommend  that sixchildren per age group compete against one another,  per flight
1. Only one thrower on the field at a time
2. Alter the throw is completed  the official will mark the throw, before the next thrower is
    allowed his  turn.
3. Each thrower is allowed three  throws in the order that is specified by the official.
4. The thrower must not step over  the toe board. If a thrower does step over the toe board, the throw will be  called foul and thus not marked.
5. The thrower must throw the Turbo  Jav within the guide lines set up by the marker cones. If the thrower throws  outside the marker cone, the throw will be called foul and then not  marked.
6. The Turbo Jav must land nose  first if the Turbo Jav lands facing the wrong way or the tail hit first, the  throw shall be called foul and thus not marked.
7. The winning throw will be  determined by the athlete that throws the furthest place, second for 2nd place  and third furthest for 3rd place.