Javelin Pictures - Historic File ( PAGE 2 OF 3 )

This is a collection of Pictures of Javelin Throwers during competition and training

German Javelin Throwers
1930s-1940s Germany German rear back before throwing their javelins

Javelin Lesson on a Welsh Hilltop
August 1938 Pontypool Education Settlement, Pontypool, Gwent, Wales,  UK Girls from the Pontypool Education Settlement are instructed in javelin  throwing. Wales, 1938.

Javelin Practice
1939  Audenshaw, Lancashire, England, UK Students from the Audenshaw Grammar School  practice throwing the javelin for the Northern Public Schools Atheletic Meeting  competition in Fallowfield.

Miss G. Lunn and Miss K. Konnal, Javelin  Throwers
October 1937 London, England, UK

Javelin Tuition
May 1960  Churchmead County Secondary School, Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England, UK Young  Trevor Ivennell, as pupil at Churchmead County Secondary School, has his stance  corrected by tutor Mr. W. G. Stanley, during javelin practice. Datchet, England,  May 1960.

Javelin Practice
Audenshaw,  Lancashire, England, UK Students at the Audenshaw Grammer School practice  throwing javelins for the Public School Sports competition in London