Javelin Pictures - Historic File ( Page 1 of 3 )

This is a collection of Pictures of Javelin Throwers during competition and training.

Schoolgirls Learn to Throw  the Javelin
July 1937 Woodhouse School, Finchley, London,  England, UK Students at Woodhouse School in Finchley are the first secondary  school pupils to receive tuition in javelin throwing as part of their physical  education classes. London, July 1937.

Competitors Watching Man Throw Javelin
August 21, 1935 London, England

Babe Didrikson Throwing Javelin
1932 Los Angeles, California, USA

Babe Didrikson Holding Javelin
Los Angeles, California, USA

Gerhard Stoeck Throwing Javelin
August 14, 1936 Berlin, Germany

H Baume Having Just Tossed The Javelin
August 2, 1948

Javelin Thrower G. De Kock
June 1936 Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK The Dutch javelin thower  Miss G.E. De Kock takes aim during the Women's International Athletics  Championships at Blackpool. England, June 1936

Olympic Javelin Thrower Matti Jarvinen
1936 Berlin, Germany The Finnish world record javelin thrower, Matti  Jarvinen, in Berlin for the 1936 Olympic Games.