Franklin Bud Held 1954
Franklin "Bud"  Held Pictures from 1954.

The pictures will never receive any  photographic awards but very clearly show  two points that  nowadays are considered fatal faults, but were key parts of  Bud's  world record in 1953 and his five world record throws in one night at  the Modesto Relays in 1955. Three were measured and Track and Field  News  credits him with those. Two others were clearly 18-24 inches  short of his  best that night and were not officially measured. I  was watching that night,  however, and the 2 unmeasured throws  obviously broke the existing record. The sixth throw was a  foul.

Those points are: 1 Photo 4 shows the right  foot lands about twenty degrees back of 90 degrees to the runway.  This enables a quick but powerful thrust  from the right foot to  drive the hip around very strongly. The hip forces  the shoulders  in to the strong open position and clears the way for a fast,  powerful arm pull.

2 Photo 6 shows a  deep left knee bend rather than a locked left leg plant. A locked  leg retards the body's forward motion while a bent left leg,  straightening powerfully, allows the body to continue onward  unimpeded and as  that left leg straightens into the fully  extended position (Photo 7 and  missing photo 8), all that speed  and momentum is redirected up along the  intended flight path. By  the time the hand passes over the shoulder, the  left leg is fully  extended.

The photos came from a sixteen millimeter  black and white reel that had been store for many years in an  unairconditioned Arizona garage.

Dick Held